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Finals Night


Due to vandalism and criminal damage at earlier Finals Nights, albeit relating to other leagues and not ours, finals night venues will now charge in full for any damage on ANY Finals Nights. The E.A.I. Pool League absolves itself from any responsibility for liability and/or payment for any damages.

Team Captains are responsible for the conduct and actions of their team members and supporters. Anyone involved in vandalism, damage or theft on Finals Night may be prosecuted and the responsibility for payment for restitution will rest with the relevant Team Captain and the perpetrator/s.

'Talk about spreading it about...!'

Summer Season 2013

Summer Season 2013

Finals Night this year was held on Saturday the 28th September
at Rileys Pool & Snooker Club, Magdalen Street, Norwich.

This was the first season with the top two divisions playing the new BAPTO 'Blackball' rules and the new 3rd Division playing the old 'pub rules', and all went well. Many teams and supporters turned up for what turned out to be an excellent night. Five different winners of the five competitions played on the night from all divisions. The main Blackball Cup was won in style with an 8-5 victory by The Blues against the Hotshots after trailing until 5 all. The Temple Bar swept the table 11-3 versus the Hotshots, who come into the Premier Division for the first time next season. We all have to start somewhere so better luck next time. Rileys Potter, who have also just been promoted to the Premier Division, won the 9 Ball Subsidiary Cup with an 11-5 comfortable win over the Westlegate Specimens. In the new Division 3, both the Jailbirds and the Griffin Growlers who came first and second respectively in the division were in action. In the 9 Ball, the Growlers narrowly beat their arch rivals the Jailbirds by 11 frames to 9. What a scorcher! But in the 8 Ball Cup it all came awry as the Old Palace Hero's (who finished third in the division) put one over on the Growlers, beating them by a very respectable 8 frames to 5. All in all, a good night!

Trophies presented were as follows :-


Blackball Group Winners Cups

Winners - Group 1 - Artichoke Strikers
Winners - Group 2 - The Blues

Blackall Summer K.O. Cup and team individual cups

Winners: The Blues - 8
Runners up: Maid Marian Hotshots - 5

9-Ball Summer K.O. Cup and team individual cups

Winners: Temple Bar - 11
Runners up: Maid Marian Hotshots - 3

9-Ball Subsidiary Summer K.O. Cup and team individual cups

Winners: Rileys Potters - 11
Runners up: Westlegate Specimens - 5

8-Ball Division 3 League Cup and team individual cups

Winners: The Jailbirds
Runners up: Griffin Growlers

8-Ball Division 3 K.O. Cup and team individual cups

Winners: Old Palace Hero's - 8
Runners up: Griffin Growlers - 5

9-Ball Division 3 K.O. Cup and team individual cups

Winners: Griffin Growlers - 11
Runners up: The Jailbirds - 9

League Wooden Spoon

The Unpotaballs ( Match wins - 2   Frames won - 54)


'Hotshot' Leaderboard Cup (Maximum Frames Wins)

Winner - P.Arnett (Temple Bar) 25 wins

'Predator' Frames Cup (Maximum Frames Wins)

Winner - D.Edwards (The Forge) 18 wins

9-Ball Bi-annual Frames Cup (Maximum Frames Wins in the 9-Ball Cup)

Winner - Gavin Lewis (Maid Marian Hotshots) - 11 frames wins

Best Newcomer of the Season Cup

W.Martin (Griffin Growlers)

14/1 Potting Cup

Winner: D.Scales (Old Palace Hero's) 26 balls potted

There was also a Grand Prize Draw with many great prizes won!