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Finals Night


Due to vandalism and criminal damage at earlier Finals Nights, albeit relating to other leagues and not ours, finals night venues will now charge in full for any damage on ANY Finals Nights. The E.A.I. Pool League absolves itself from any responsibility for liability and/or payment for any damages.

Team Captains are responsible for the conduct and actions of their team members and supporters. Anyone involved in vandalism, damage or theft on Finals Night may be prosecuted and the responsibility for payment for restitution will rest with the relevant Team Captain and the perpetrator/s.


Summer Season 2011

Summer Season 2011

Finals Night this year was held on Saturday the 1st October
at Rileys Pool & Snooker Club, Magdalen Street, Norwich.

Let me tell you a story....... A mixed team of men and women, the "Magnificent Maids", who play pool purely for a good night out and who have in the past won the wooden spoon six times for finishing bottom of the league. Yes, six times, have won the 9-Ball Subsidiary Cup, their first ever cup win in all competitions! Their opponents, The Division 1 "Inbetweeners" from Costessey Cue Club, who thought they were in for a whitewash win over the Division 2 team, never once went ahead after the 8th frame. At 10 all there was visible anxiety from both teams until Carol Briggs for the "Maids", (with a league win rate of only 11% this season) stepped up and potted the last 9-Ball to take the win and the Cup. An astounded "Inbetweeners" team walked out of the venue after being beaten by the "Maids" without bothering to collect their runners-up trophies. Bad sportsmanship, it would appear, still thrives today in Costessey..... Well done the "Maids"!

Trophies presented were as follows :-


8-Ball Summer K.O. Cup and team individual cups

Winners: Ketts Flyers - 8
Runners up: Cue Club Untouchables - 6

9-Ball Summer K.O. Cup and team individual cups

Winners: Artichoke Strikers - 11
Runners up: Cue Club Untouchables - 8

9-Ball Subsidiary Summer K.O. Cup and team individual cups

Winners: The Magnificent Maids - 11
Runners up: The Inbetweeners - 10

8-Ball Group Winners Cups

Winners - Group 1 - Marlborough Hoods
Winners - Group 2 - Artichoke Strikers
Winners - Group 3 - Ketts Flyers

David Gaff Memorial Cup (3-Man Competition)

Winners - The Blues Brothers
Runners-up - Rileys Potters
3rd Place - Farmhouse A

League Wooden Spoon

Windmill Wizards ( Match wins - 0   Frames won - 27)


'Hotshot' Leaderboard Cup (Maximum Frames Wins)

Winner - S.Mace (Marlborough Hoods) 31 wins

'Predator' Frames Cup (Maximum Frames Wins)

Winner - K.Jessop (The Forge) 30 wins

9-Ball Singles K.O. Cup and individual cups

Winner - Kenny Horner (Artichoke Strikers) - 6
Runner-Up - David Harrison (Rileys Potters) - 3

9-Ball Bi-annual Frames Cup (Maximum Frames Wins in the 9-Ball Cup)

Winner - Mark Bolton (Artichoke Strikers) - 21 frames wins

Best Newcomer of the Season Cup

C.Gill (The Inbetweeners) 15 Frames Won

14/1 Potting Cup

Winner: Gary Dean (Ketts Flyers) 38 balls potted

There was also a Grand Prize Draw with many great prizes won!